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A tradição Anabatista-Menonita tem seu início na Reforma radical no século XVI. Os Anabatistas primitivos tinham sua crença baseada na fé católica e protestante, mas divergiram desses grupos em sua ênfase sobre: o batismo de adultos, na ética do amor em relação a todos (incluindo inimigos), e na visão da igreja como uma comunidade igualitária de membros comprometidos a serem discípulos de Cristo em conjunto. Nos séculos que seguiram, o movimento Anabatista enraizou-se principalmente na Europa, Rússia e América do Norte, com seus principais grupos identificados como os Menonitas, os Huteritas e os Amish. Durante o século XX, o movimento Anabatista se tornou uma realidade global. Hoje, a maioria dos 1,5 milhões de Anabatistas-Menonitas vivem no hemisfério sul, com congregações ativas em pelo menos 75 países diferentes.

O Wiki Anabatista Mundial é uma comunidade interativa de grupos Anabatistas-Menonitas de todo o mundo. Iniciado pela Biblioteca da História Menonita na Faculdade de Goshen, Este site está empenhado em ajudar os grupos a: 1) contar a sua história, 2) publicar e preservar arquivos eletronicamente, e 3) informar sobre os demais grupos da comunidade global Anabatista. Como todos os projetos baseados em wiki, esta é uma iniciativa que depende da colaboração de muitas pessoas. Tire algum tempo para aprender mais sobre as comunidades Anabatistas existentes ao redor do mundo.


[edit] Contributing Content

[edit] Who Can Contribute?

Anyone can contribute content to the Global Anabaptist Wiki and can edit any page but the main page and the higher level regional and country pages. Anyone can contribute and edit content on any specific conference or congregation page, and everyone can contribute stories.

[edit] How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute, add content directly to your conference or congregation's page or edit what is already there. If you would like to edit country pages, regional pages, or broader group pages you can become a Registered User by contacting John D. Roth ( You will have to choose a username and password.

[edit] In What Languages Can I Contribute?

The Global Anabaptist Wiki includes high level articles in English, French, German, and Spanish. These high level pages are human-translated and each article includes distinct pages for each language. The lower-level pages are written in the originating language of the conference, congregation, story etc. These pages can then be translated by "Google Translate" into English, Spanish, German, French, Indonesian, Swahili, Korean, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. To learn how to contribute different languages see our language policy page.

[edit] Where Can I Contribute Print Resources?

The Mennonite Historical Library (MHL) is a comprehensive, research-level library located on Goshen College's campus in Goshen, Indiana that collects printed texts and images on all topics related to the Radical Reformation, including the Anabaptists, Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish and various related groups. The MHL collects print materials from all Anabaptist-related groups around the world. If you would like to donate print materials about your group to the MHL, please email or call (574) 535-7418.

[edit] Further Questions?

If you have any further questions about the structure or editing on the Global Anabaptist Wiki please contact Michael Miller (

[edit] How Do I Get Access As A Registered User?

Anyone who is interested in serving as a translator of existing articles or wishes to have more access for editing can become a registered user by doing the following:

  1. Choose a username and password.
  2. Send a request to John D. Roth, Director of the Mennonite Historical Library, ( including the username and password, that describes who you are and what content you wish to contribute. John will then create an account for you.
  3. After John has created your account, you will need to log in using your username and password in order to edit.

[edit] What Content Can I Contribute?

[edit] Articles

The Global Anabaptist Wiki is made up of both personalized stories and encyclopedia style articles that describe different branches of the global Anabaptist church. You can create new articles about your Anabaptist-related group or edit existing articles or stubs. Articles should relate directly to the Global Anabaptist church. They may cover specific congregations, conferences, organizations, or Anabaptist-related themes. To learn more about article structure and style for the Global Anabaptist Wiki click here.

[edit] Stories

In addition to including basic encyclopedic information about Anabaptist-related groups, the Global Anabaptist Wiki provides a centralized online forum where groups can share their personal stories. Click the following link to learn more about stories on the Anabaptist Wiki.

[edit] Electronic Documents

The Global Anabaptist Wiki also serves as a repository for electronic resources about different Anabaptist groups. Thus, you may upload your group's Confession of Faith, constitution, or any other resources important to your group. If you know of relevant papers or articles about your group you may upload them after obtaining appropriate permission from the author, journal, periodical, and/or publisher.

[edit] Pictures/Videos

Visually representing your group may be accomplished by uploading relevant pictures and videos to the Global Anabaptist Wiki. Contribute maps, time lines, promotional videos or any other sort of visual materials that would enhance articles on the Global Anabaptist Wiki.

[edit] Audio

If you have any audio resources that relate to your group, feel free to upload them. Contribute interviews, sermons, conference recordings, or any other audio materials that relate to articles on the Global Anabaptist Wiki.

[edit] Which Regional Administrator Should I Contact?

[edit] Help Guides

Check out the Media Wiki Help Guide for general information about reading, editing, and personalization. Meta Wiki also offers an excellent Help Guide.

To practice editing using Media Wiki software before editing an actual page on the Global Anabaptist Wiki, use Media Wiki's sandbox. If you'd rather, Meta Wiki also has a sandbox you can use to experiment.

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