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  1. Documento de la Primera Cumbre Nacional de la Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica por la Paz de Colombia. 2006.‏‎ (4 categories)
  2. Driver, John. Life Together in the Spirit‏‎ (4 categories)
  3. Encuentro Internacional de Teología de la Paz y Alternativas a la Violencia. Bogotá, Colombia. CETELA, Seminario Bíblico Menonita de Colombia. 2008.‏‎ (4 categories)
  4. Oswald Robingon, Laurie. “First generation immigrants build bridges.” 2009.‏‎ (4 categories)
  5. Quiring, Walter. The Colonization of the German Mennonites From Russia in the Paraguayan Chaco‏‎ (4 categories)
  6. Simons, Menno. A Plain and Convincing Proof, From the Scriptures‏‎ (3 categories)
  7. Simons, Menno. A Very Sincere Epistle to Martin Micron‏‎ (3 categories)
  8. Oswald Robinson, Laurie. “Hispanic Women worship despite economy.” 2009.‏‎ (3 categories)
  9. Miller, Rachel Moreland. "Marked men." 2004.‏‎ (3 categories)
  10. Bender, Harold. With the Mennonite refugee colonies in Brazil and Paraguay‏‎ (3 categories)
  11. Mennonite Church USA Archives‏‎ (3 categories)
  12. Simons, Menno. A Consoling Admonition Concerning the Sufferings, Oppressions and Persecutions of the Saints, for the Word of God and His Testimony‏‎ (3 categories)
  13. Simons, Menno. An Explanation of Christian Baptism in the Water, From the Word of God‏‎ (3 categories)
  14. Stucky, Jonathan. “Feeding the hungry is a matter of justice." 2009‏‎ (3 categories)
  15. Beth Miller, Rachel. "Shadow People." 2001.‏‎ (3 categories)
  16. Simons, Menno. A Foundation and Plain Instruction of the Saving Doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ‏‎ (3 categories)
  17. Simons, Menno. Meditation on the Twenty-Fifth Psalm‏‎ (3 categories)
  18. Simons, Menno. Letters Written by Menno Simon‏‎ (3 categories)
  19. Wood, Graeme. “Mennonites and Mammonites… in Paraguay.” 2008.‏‎ (3 categories)
  20. Warkentin, J.W. Carving a Home Out of the Primeval Forest‏‎ (3 categories)
  21. Byler, Dionisio. ed. "Schleitheim (1527) y Dordrecht (1632): Antiguas confesiones de fe menonitas." 1995.‏‎ (3 categories)
  22. Simons, Menno. A Fundamental Doctrine From the Word of the Lord‏‎ (3 categories)
  23. Simons, Menno. A Reply to a Publication of Gellius Faber, Minister at Emden‏‎ (3 categories)
  24. Simons, Menno. The Conversion of Menno Simon, and His Renunciation of the Church of Rome‏‎ (3 categories)
  25. Kleine Gemeinde zu Spanish Lookout, Belize‏‎ (3 categories)
  26. Moya, César. “Jesus nos enseñó a amar también a nuestros enemigos.” Entrevista CLAI. 2002‏‎ (3 categories)
  27. Clinton, Cathryn. "Documenting Colombia's suffering, hope." 2008.‏‎ (3 categories)
  28. Simons, Menno. A Fundamental Doctrine, or an Account of Excommunication, Ban, Exclusion, or Separation from the Church of Christ‏‎ (3 categories)
  29. Simons, Menno. A Thorough Answer to the Slander, Defamation, Backbiting, Unseasoned and Bitter Words of Zylis and Lemmekes‏‎ (3 categories)
  30. Simons, Menno. The Reason Menno Simon Does Not Cease Teaching and Writing‏‎ (3 categories)
  31. Escobar Rosal, Rafael. "Central Americans seek meaning of Anabaptism." 1988.‏‎ (3 categories)
  32. Will, Emily. "Developing Spiritual Roots: A Challenge from Teusaquillo Mennonite Church in Colombia." 2008‏‎ (3 categories)
  33. Showalter, Jewel. "Latin Anabaptists equip for missions." 2007.‏‎ (3 categories)
  34. Simons, Menno. A Fundamental and Clear Confession of the Poor and Distressed Christians‏‎ (3 categories)
  35. Simons, Menno. A Treatise on, and Scriptural Explanation of Excommunication, for the Benefit of All Pious and God Fearing Children‏‎ (3 categories)
  36. Simons, Menno. The True Christian Faith‏‎ (3 categories)
  37. Arnoldi, Katherine. "Humbly Walking the Road with God- Ernesto Unruh: Enlhet leader; pastor, counselor, world traveler, writer and scholar." 2009.‏‎ (3 categories)
  38. Simons, Menno. A Brief and Clear Confession and Scriptural Demonstration‏‎ (3 categories)
  39. Simons, Menno. A Humble and Christian Justification and Replication‏‎ (3 categories)
  40. Kleine Gemeinde zu Blue Creek, Belize‏‎ (3 categories)
  41. Simons, Menno. A Very Humble Supplication of the Poor, Despised Christians‏‎ (3 categories)
  42. Kleine Gemeinde, Mexico‏‎ (3 categories)
  43. Simons,Menno. A Brief Complaint or Apology of the Despised Christians and Exiled Strangers‏‎ (3 categories)
  44. Stoesz, Edgar. "Jesus, go before us: How Mennonites in Paraguay gathered, prospered, and gave back." 2009.‏‎ (3 categories)
  45. Simons, Menno. A Clear, Incontrovertible Confession and Demonstration, Founded on the Power of the Holy Scriptures‏‎ (3 categories)
  46. Simons, Menno. A Kind Admonition or Instruction From the Word of God‏‎ (3 categories)
  47. Simons, Menno. A Very Plain and Pointed Reply to the Anti-Christian Doctrine‏‎ (3 categories)
  48. Sommerfelder Mennonitengemeinde, Mexico‏‎ (3 categories)
  49. Schrag, Paul. "Together in Faith." 2009.‏‎ (3 categories)
  50. Simons, Menno. A Confession of the Triune, Eternal and True God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost‏‎ (3 categories)

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