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[[file:ADB_logo_letters.jpg|x20px]]  '''[[Anabaptist Dictionary of the Bible|Home]] [[A]] [[B]] [[C]] [[D]] [[E]] [[F]] [[G]] [[H]] [[I]] [[J]] [[K]] [[L]] [[M]] [[N]] [[O]] [[P]] [[Q]] [[R]] [[S]] [[T]] [[U]] [[V]] [[W]] [[X]] [[Y]] [[Z]] [[Abbreviations]] [[Glossary]]'''
[[file:BCBC_123John2.jpg|frame|right|x310px|link=https://www.mennomedia.org/9780836195552/1-2-3-john/|[https://www.mennomedia.org/9780836195552/1-2-3-john/''1, 2, 3 John'', by J. E. McDermond (Believers Church Bible Commentary)]'']]
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|—'''''[[J. E. McDermond]]'''''

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