A Call to Kingdom Commitments (General Conference Mennonite Church, 1986)

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Call to Kingdom Commitments, A (General Conference Mennonite Church, 1986)

Text of Resolution

Our Call to Spiritual Renewal

Recognizing that prayer is one of the most powerful resources available to Christian disciples, we hereby commit ourselves to pray for the work of the Lord in the General Conference, to pray for the leaders and staff of the conference, to pray for the members of the conference individually and corporately and to encourage our congregations to pray that this body might be renewed and invigorated in faith by the power of the Holy Spirit and be a more effective witness to the love, power and glory of God.

Our Call to Service and Leadership

Recognizing that the mission goals of the General Conference and its related conferences cannot be met without people willing to serve God through the church at home and abroad, we hereby commit ourselves to "calling out" persons to serve in a variety of ministries. We commit ourselves to being more open to God's call and direction in our own lives and to encouraging others in our congregations to do the same. We commit ourselves to challenge our congregations to call, encourage and support persons whom God may lead into service in the local congregation and the wider church.

Our Call to Kingdom Goals

We accept with enthusiasm the General Conference goals to evangelize, teach and practice biblical principles, develop and train leadership, and seek to achieve Christian unity without compromising the truth of the Gospel. We commit ourselves to doing our part toward achieving these goals, and commit ourselves to encouraging our congregations to do their part toward achieving these goals.

Our Call to Giving

Recognizing that the mission goals of the conference and its related conferences cannot be met without the necessary financial support, we hereby authorize the General Conference Mennonite Church and related conferences to raise the needed funds for new work through a special above-budget three-year fund drive with a goal of $17.5 million. This fund drive shall be implemented by a campaign committee consisting of three representatives of the General Conference, two representatives of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada, one representative from each of the district and provincial conferences, and one Women in Mission representative. We therefore commit ourselves to give generously and to do our part toward meeting this fund-raising goal.

Context of the Resolution

The resolutions (each section was voted upon separately) were an attempt by the General Conference Mennonite Church to bring together spiritual renewal with revitalization of monetary giving within the denomination. The initiative for the Call to Kingdom Commitments came from General Conference staff and the General Board of the denomination.

The resolution needs to be viewed in the context of the Many Peoples Becoming God's People resolution passed at the came convention. Its objectives were to increase the General Conference's outreach and inclusion of persons from a non-European cultural background.

The drive was a mixed success. By the 1989 General Conference Mennonite Church delegate sessions $5 million of the $17.5 million goal had been raised. These funds were utilized for 68 projects.


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