Bearing Witness

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This site is a gathering point for stories of costly discipleship in faithfulness to Christ ("bearing witness") being gathered as part of the Bearing Witness Stories Project sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism at Goshen College. Please post additional stories or add new information, primary sources, bibliographical references to the stories already posted here. If you are unsure how about how to do this, feel free to experiment -- it's not as complicated as it looks! Or send the information to


The Jesus Tribe: Grace Stories from Congo's Mennonites 1912-2012 (A Project of Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission)

Emmanuel Wayindama

Rudolphe Kasandji

Merlin Grove

Artwel Mabhena

Raphael Mthombeni

Moses Massawala

Kenneth Miller

Middle East

Hassan Barnabas Dehgani-Tafte

Asia (and Australia)

Glen D. Lapp

Sundar Singh

Richard Rancap

Adi Walujo

Latin America

Miguel Brun

Hugo Donatti

Salvador Alcántara

Yolanda Cerón Delgado

Kornelius Isaak

Jose Chuquin

Lucy Roca Caballero

Jaime Prieto Valladares


Bernhard Bergen

Dirk Willems

Johann Dyck

Johann Kornelius Martens

Jakob Aron Rempel

Aron Peter Toews

Alexander Heinrich Ediger

Jakob Heinrich Paetkau

Jakob Heinrich Siemens

Eberhard Arnold

Charles de Foucauld

David Pätkau

Suzanovo Martyrs

Julius Kubassek

Andreas Wurtz

The Christian Soldiers of Serbia

Alexander Neufeld

North America

Black Kettle, Cheyenne peace chief

Clarence Jordan

Joseph Hofer

David Hofer

Michael Hofer

Jacob Wipf

John M. Klaassen

Dan Terry

Fannie Lou Hamer

Daniel Gerber

John Schrag

John Neufeld

Emanuel Swartzendruber