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Some of the papers – mostly unpublished – in the following Bibliography were presented at one of several consultations on biblical hermeneutics; these consultations were sponsored by/for Mennonite college Bible faculties, seminary Bible faculties, or alumni or several groups together. Since the historical record of these endeavors contributes to our self-understanding, I have listed these consultations in chronological order; the numbers at the end indicate which papers in the Bibliography were presented on that occasion. The abbreviation-code for each consultation/workshop on the left is used in the Bibliography to indicate the occasion when the paper was presented. Articles which appear in this volume are designated [Essays BI] at the end of the entry.

BeC 1964 Menno Simons Lectures on “Anabaptist Interpretation of Scripture,” delivered at Bethel College, October 25-28, 1964. Nos. 6, 7, 9, 12, 17, 19.

GBSA 1966 Goshen College Biblical Seminary Regional Alumni Meeting at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, March 29, 1966. Nos. 24, 26.

GBSA 1967 Goshen College Biblical Seminary Alumni Workshop on Hermeneutics at GCBS (Goshen), March 27-30, 1967. Nos. 3, 33.

CMS 1969 Consultation on Anabaptist-Mennonite theology convened by the Council of Mennonite Seminaries at Aspen, Colorado, July 15-21, 1969. No. 37.

BfC 1974 Hermeneutics Workshop for Mennonite college and seminary Bible faculties at Bluffton College, May 3-5, 1974. Nos. 1, 4, 34, 40, 63.

CGC 1975 Historical Jesus Consultation for Mennonite biblical scholars at Conrad Grebel College, May 9-11, 1975. Nos. 58, 62, 64.

CMS 1977 Biblical Hermeneutics Consultation convened by Council of Mennonite Seminaries at LaGrange, Illinois, April 3-7, 1977. Nos. 2, 55, 60, 66, 74, 78, 79, 86.

MCGB 1984 “Conversations on Faith” Consultation at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center convened by The Mennonite Church General Board, February 27-29, 1984. Nos. 65, 67, 70, 75, 77.

Readers of this volume who may wish to purchase copies of these papers may do so from the Institute of Mennonite Studies (five cents per page plus postage) for GBS/CMS-sponsored events. Other papers should be ordered from the author or the sponsoring agency.

I. Historical Studies: Sixteenth Century

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II. Historical Studies: Seventeenth- Twentieth Centuries

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III. Statements of Anabaptist-Mennonite Views

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IV. Mennonite Study of Theological Ethical Issues in Twentieth Century Biblical Hermeneutics

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V. Bible Study Method (incl. Response to Historical-Critical Method)

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VI. Use of the Bible in the Church

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VII. Story of the Bible: Mennonite Evaluation of Modern Versions

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VII. Mennonite Biblical Commentary

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104. Herald Youth and Adult Bible Studies (various authors). See especially April-June, 1969, qtr. on the Bible with many good topical essays.

Doctoral dissertations, Master’s theses, and many research papers on specific biblical passages belong also to this category, as well as published articles on biblical texts.