Daniel Gerber

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Daniel Gerber 1940-1962. Gerber, a farm boy from Kidron, Ohio, went to Vietnam as a MCC volunteer. MCC assigned him to work at Ban Me Thuot, a highland mission station sponsored by the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. There a Tin Lanh (Evangelical Church of Vietnam) congregation emerged among Montagnard people. Gerber established warm relationships with farmers and young people. On May 31, 1962, he was abducted by presumed North Vietnamese soldiers along with two CMA missionaries. None of them were heard from again. In a letter to his parents, Daniel noted that "Christ taught love and that is what his children must do." Decades later a young man who knew Gerber in 1962 reported to the Kidron congregation that Gerber was "a white angel who came to tell of a God who loves us and forgives our sins." ME. Vol. 5, p.912

Submitted by John A. Lapp