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Welcome to the Global Anabaptist Wikipedia Help Page
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The Global Anabaptist Wikipedia Help Page has numerous resources, guides and models to help you understand how this wikipedia is structured and how to contribute content. Here you can learn about creating and editing articles, stories and sources through a basic description of the editor and a basic description of wiki-code. You can also learn about our categorization system and how the site is laid out.

If this help page or the Mediawiki help page doesn't provide you with the appropriate information, a quick google search will likely answer your questions.

New Users to the Wiki

Welcome to the Global Anabaptist Wikipedia! We are grateful that you have taken the time to visit our site and engage with the global Anabaptist community. Since you are on the help page you probably have some amount of interest in contributing content or in helping the site. Every time someone edits or writes one article, story or source, global interaction improves immensely so we thank you once again for contributing your time and energy.

Some places to get started on your journey through the Global Anabaptist Wikipedia:

  • To understand the basic guidelines and non-technical policies surrounding Anabaptistwiki and to get a general overview of the site, please visit our About Anabaptistwiki page.
  • To find an article, story or source, you can type what you are looking for in the search bar on the left hand side of the screen to see if we have an article, story or source written on the subject.
  • If you are feeling a bit more adventurous or want to go exploring through Anabaptist culture, you can go to the Main Page and start browsing by country or Anabaptist family tree members.
  • Yet another way to start navigating your way through the site is to visit the sources page or stories page. On these pages you will be able to work your way down through a category tree to find what you are looking for.


Have you ever wondered what constitutes an article? Would you like to find out how to write an article and share your knowledge with the world? All the information you ever needed to know about articles at the Anabaptist Wiki Articles page.


Anabaptistwiki has developed a structure to help users determine which articles are well-researched, well-written and well-cited. Are you interested in finding out about the difference between full-fledged articles and stubs? You can find out all about these differences at the Anabaptist Wiki Stubs page.


Do you want to share with the world how an Anabaptist community has shaped your life or how Anabaptist beliefs has led you to pursue a different philosophy in life? Do you want to know where people would be able to read this story? Everything you need to know about stories is at the Anabaptist Wiki Stories page.


Have you obtained a document related to the Anabaptist faith that you would like shared with the global Anabaptist community? Would you like to archive your church bulletins on a site for easy access? For a complete breakdown of sources and what they are proceed to the Anabaptist Wiki Sources page.


For help learning how to edit and format text in the Global Anabaptist Wiki, check out the MetaWiki help guide. Especially note the how to edit page. The MediaWiki help guide also offers helpful information, especially the formatting page.


Here on Anabaptistwiki we strive to promote communication with communities from around the world. Language issues are large barriers to overcome as we pursue this endeavor. However, we have developed numerous tools to help solve this problem. For a summary of these language tools and how this site is structured in terms of translation, proceed to the Language Policy page


A template is a function of Anabaptistwiki that makes it extremely easy to create and manage specific pages to be consistent with one another. For a full list of available templates on Anabaptistwiki see the Template List.